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Saturday, May 5, 2012
8:00 pm Doors open 7:00
Mission City Coffee Roasting Company
2221 The Alameda
Santa Clara, CA 95050
$20/adv, $22/door
Sherry Austin with Henhouse
Gabrielle Louise opens
Info: 831-475-4938 or

[ NEW ]
Saturday, May 5, 2012, 8:00 pm

Acoustic Music Series at The Ugly Mug
4640 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073
Fiddling Cricket @ 831-475-4938
Sherry Austin with Henhouse

A Time for Thanks...

July 22, 2011 between 1:00-3:30 pm in broad daylight my 1993 Santa Fe Takamine guitar and JBL speakers were stolen from my car in front of my office in Santa Cruz.

I was on my way to a gig. It was four days before my son's wedding and all the happiness and excitement I was feeling came to an abrupt halt from the shock and violation of that moment.

Tears flowed like raindrops and it's the friends that showed up and took care of business so I could keep my heart happy for my son's big day.

Ginny Mitchell handed me the serial number for the guitar as I arrived at our gig that evening. Sherry Austin brought a loaner guitar and backup PA for the night. Sherry had already printed a flyer, posted on Facebook and Craigslist and followed up each day with mailing flyers to the music stores.

Facebook was on fire with the news and your emails came flooding in. Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness and concern.

John Sandidge and Jimmy Norris were on the phone lining up a benefit to recoup the cost for a replacement guitar and speakers. A huge huge hug to you both.

A benefit was held August 31, 2011 at Don Quixote's in Felton. My most heartfelt thanks to the musicians: Bob Brozman, Daniel Thomas, Jimmy Norris, Keith Greeninger, Dayan Kai, Steve Uccello, Mary McCaslin, Sherry Austin, Patti Maxine, Ginny Mitchell Charlie Wallace, Jerry Bradley, Steve Perez, Carolyn Sills, Gerard Egan.

Jimmy Norris for playing drums from start to finish of the evening.

Suzanne for the sweet beautiful poem.

Big thanks to...
John Sandidge our MC and brainstormer
Tom Miller for donating the room
Wallace Baine - SC Sentinel
Santa Cruz Weekly
Ginny Mitchell for organizing a raffle
Fred Arellano for the raffle photo of Jerry Garcia!
Sophia Santiago for the Sharon raffle photo's
Sheila at the CD table
Toby Gray for handling sound for so many
Jan for the champagne
Sandy behind the bar
Allan M for everything in between

To all the folks who came out to the show and all of you who sent cards and generous donations...A big thank you for making me feel so loved and appreciated in music.

Jerry Bradley for the borrowed Santa Fe Takamine.

Mark McAlister for passing along a 12-fret Slope-Shouldered Dreadnought Eric Poulsen guitar that sings to me.

Richard Hoover from Santa Cruz Guitar for his most loving generous offer of a new guitar.

Sherry Austin my dear friend.

Jimmy for the shoulder and hankie.

See you down the road with the new gear soon...

2011 Calendar

July 2011

Hello everybody. Checking in and saying hello.

Life is busy good. Working in the garden with the hummingbirds, butterflies and the sweet birds singing. Sherry, the master gardener is helping to make my thumb green. The bees are back! I want to be a beekeeper. To all of you beekeepers thank you for tending to this important part of our food cycle!

I'd like to say a big thank you to our guitar player, Dan Eyde. Dan plays beautiful acoustic guitar, mandolin and mountain dulcimer. Dan played his last gig with us at Davenport Roadhouse in June. He was our man always lending a hand and being a true gentleman and playing some sweet music. We will miss you Dan...

The Sherry Austin Band would like to introduce Patti Maxine on lap steel and resophonic guitar . Many of you have seen Patti grace the stages around town. She's a local legend, a fine picker, singer and lots of humor to boot. Welcome Patti...

In between all this life and music I'm stepping out with Sharon Allen and Her Dusty Boots.
Time is getting on and I don't want to miss playing with my longtime pals, Charlie Wallace; pedal steel/guitar/dobro, Jerry Bradley; bass and Jimmy Norris; drums. We've tested the waters and have had some fun and will play a few shows around Santa Cruz this summer and fall. Check out the calendar for dates.

Thanks to everyone for making it out to our shows time and time again. Without you there wouldn't be us. See you down the road...

New News! 9-4-10

Join my friend and music compadre, Sherry Austin, Sunday, September 19, 2010, 7 PM, for her CD Release "Love Still Remains". The songs of Kate Wolf. Special guests Alisa Fineman, Kimbal Hurd, Rick Shea, Ginny Mitchell, Mary McCaslin and many more. It will be an evening not to miss. See "shows" for more info.

The Sherry Austin Band made it's way through the summer performing at the Kate Wolf Festival, Davenport Roadhouse, various wineries, house concerts and many more very cool venues.

Joining us at Kate Wolf Festival this year was Rick Shea (Dave Alvin) and Chris Kee (Houston Jones). Lisa, our red-headed bassist took some time off to address a health issue. We love her and wish her well and are anxiously awaiting her return. The boys in the band were stellar musicians and came with a great sense of humor. The weather was it's usual hotness but bearable; the festival goers always supportive and in good spirits; and Cloud and his team once again putting on a well run successful 3-day festival.

The Davenport Roadhouse has been our home two times a month (2nd/4th Tuesdays) for over two years now. Steve Perez (guitar/vocals) played his last gig with us on August 24th. Steve will be spending more time with his family. He's one of those excellent human beings and we will miss him. Steve and I ended the night with a song I wrote called "All the Time" which Steve played on my CD and sang harmony. A memorable last song for me to wish my good friend, along his way, down the road with his family. We hope he drops in sometime and gives us another song.

Being the wine lovers we are, we set out to do a winery tour. Beauregard Vineyards in Bonny Doon, Bartolo in Santa Cruz and Byington in the Santa Cruz Mountains. All quality winemakers. We were spoiled by the delicious tastings and panoramic views of each winery.

Check out Boathouse Concerts on 5th Avenue in Oakland. Charlie and Pam Weber are two of the finest folks I've met. The warehouse is home to Charlie's classic restored boats. Anyone who appreciates organization and fine workmanship will enjoy this place. Then there are the house concerts. A new stage, lights and colorful tapestries, the shows are nothing less than a memorable experience. I joined Sherry, Dorian Michael (guitar) and Chris Kee (upright bass) on July 10th. Between the dedicated music lovers, the fine wines and desserts, the starry skies and the fun we had on stage we hope to visit them again.

Redwood Mountain Faire *update

Check out the Redwood Mountain Faire.

Redwood Mountain Faire

Sharon Allen & Friends

Redwood Mountain Faire
Roaring Camp
5401 Graham Hill Road
Felton, Ca 95018

Saturday, June 5th
1:00 pm, Meadow Stage

Hey everybody...I'm putting my guitar aside for this one and pulling together my pals to play and sing the blues for you.

Joining me will be:
Mike Mongiello, Lead Guitar
Jerry Bradley, Electric Bass
Charlie Wallace, Pedal Steel
Jim Hannibal, Saxophone
Jim Norris, Drums

Join us and see you at the Faire!

New Photos to look at

Below are two links to photos from the "Making of" and "CD Release Party" for Sharon Allen's New Album titled, "Along The Way"

Click here to view *New photos

Cd Release Party Success!

Thank you everyone for coming out and joining me and the band (Sherry Austin, Lisa Burns, Jim Norris, Steve Perez, Charlie Wallace and special guests Ginny Mitchell, Jim Lewin, Jerry Bradley, Kimba Perez and Cash Bradley Paul Ebright) November 15 at Don Quixote's in Felton. Because of you, the house was full and the spirit was high. All of you get a big hug from me~ Thank you friends for the support.

Opening the show was Jay Lingo, local Americana singer/songwriter and he rocked the place! Check him out on

Thank you Dick Brundle (Fiddling Cricket) and John Sandidge (Snazzy Productions) for presenting the show. Aileen and Dave for the introduction, Allan and Sheila for the CD Sales, Sandy for the very cool poster and Tom Miller for continuing to have an outstanding venue where we can all perform.

Can't wait to do it again! Photos of the show soon to be posted!



10.25.09 REMINDER!
sharon allen music
Sunday, November 15, 2009
Don Quixote's International Music Hall
6275 Hwy 9 downtown Felton
Felton, CA 95018

Show: 7:00 pm
$10/advance, $12/door
call for tics: 831-603-2294



New photo galleries of Sharon Allen and friends are up and waiting for your eyes to gaze on.
Click PHOTOS, then under "Live Performances" click on any of the links.

Studio Pictures from the making of "Along the Way" coming soon.



My new "Along the Way" CD was released June 26th...
It's been a long time coming and I'm proud of all the friends that supported this project. We had alot of fun in the studio these past seven months. Lots of local talent including Sherry Austin, Lisa Burns, Jim Norris, Ginny Mitchell, Mary McCaslin, Keith Greeninger, Jim Lewin, Yuji Tojo, Charlie Wallace, Bob Brozman, Steve Perez, Barry Phillips, Chojo Jacques, Jerry Bradley and Jesse Autumn. Thank you again to the musicians!

I had a great team of engineers (Dave Gordon and Dave Nielson) and an amazing producer, Jim Norris. We worked side-by-side throughout the entire process and at the end of day would share stories of days gone by and how we survived being involved in music all these years and could still find some good humor in this crazy business.


This collection of songs on the CD has seven originals and five songs from writers that capture my heart. The first song written some 15 years ago is "Jarrod's Song". I wrote this when my son was in middle school and there was news escalating about violence in schools. This was prior to the tragedy of Columbine not knowing something that horrific could ever come to be. This song is a prayer for me and came from a place I can't explain. It's the only song that revealed itself in a matter of minutes from start to finish.

I will be back to tell you more stories....We've been hardworking at getting this site up and launched and wanted to have it ready for you so stay tuned...


My bio page will be arriving soon. Hang in there.........


The Sherry Austin Band played on Saturday and Sunday at the Kate Wolf Festival. What a line-up with all my favorite female singer/songwriters Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris along with Buddy Miller.
Everyone was most generous and accommodating (lots of transports on the quad from my campsite across the way - thank you guys!) Thank you Cloud and the team of organizers...

Thanks to the folks that came to the main stage in the heat of the day to listen to the Kate Wolf set. Everyone knew all the words and we blessed Kate for her beautiful music.
She was certainly there...

Sunday took us to the Revival Tent where we closed with a set of Sherry and Sharon songs. Lots of friends came to sit on bales of hay under the tent hung with tapestries and woven rugs all around. It was a wonderful way to end the festival for us.

We headed back over to see the amazing Mavis Staples, Richard Thompson and Emmylou Harris.
So much music and friends and food and sun and the river and dust....You put it all together and drive home with all the memories and a smile.....

Folk singer Sharon Allen with her new album Along the Way

Sharon Allen is way up high in the list of sweet voiced singers. If you want to sit back and listen to some unpretentious music that is beautiful and lasting this is it........Sleepy John Sandidge

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